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designercunt: Clear smells like vanilla

source: Pixiv ID: 33026031

designercunt: Aoba had a girlfriend once, but his experience was so bad that he started fooling around with guys and started to prefer it

source: Pixiv ID: 31672201

anonymous: In Ren’s good ending, he marked territory on a fire hydrant once. He and Aoba didn’t go out for a month after that.

source: Pixiv ID: 34336712

I’m gonna ask a favor of you guys!!

Please start submitting your headcanons with your own images!

it’s kind of tedious to do all of these headcanons myself!

Hello everyone!!

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!

I’m very sorry for this announcement, but DRAMAtical Headcanons is officially on hiatus.

Mod K has basically been left alone to run this blog — which I’m fine with — but without the others, there’s no one here to post and make images when I get into bad moods.

Unfortunately, I’ve been experiencing horrible emotional crashes due to my depression and anxiety being triggered by some things going on in my personal life.

Please be patient! I really appreciate you all for sticking by the blog for so long!

"Koujaku is afraid of needles"

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so if ppl are getting hacked and shit then here’re my words of advice

  • dont go to inbox.tumblr.com (rumor has it that something on that blog is fucking people up) just to be safe
  • dont go to the blogs of people who have been hacked to be even safer
  • change ur password to somethin fierce
  • make a backup blog and let ur friends now

In ren’s good ending, virus and trip are dead and morphine was disbanded”

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Virus and Trip hate each other. That’s why they go together.

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